An inspiring look at how wonderful birth can be when your right to choose how, where and with whom you give birth is respected & protected.

Every woman has the right to be informed about their options in childbirth. Through an exploration of home birth, this 87 min film looks at what natural, physiological childbirth really is. Is birth a medical emergency waiting to happen or a profound, natural and physiological event that women are designed for?

The most comprehensive film ever made on home birth and a voice of reason in the debate, The Face of Birth outlines the importance of education in birthing and the right of a woman to choose the best and safest birth method for her and her baby.

Whether you are yet to birth or expecting child number five, this film is about women and men supporting one another in a woman’s right to choose.

Filmed from London to Alice Springs, The Face of Birth is a movie with vital information for anyone considering giving birth today…

This 87-minute documentary follows the diverse, heart-warming and sometimes heart wrenching stories of a handful of mothers. Join us  as they guide us through the plethora of information and opinions facing mothers-to-be when deciding how, where and with whom to give birth to their babies.

Meet AFI award-winning actress, Noni Hazlehurst. Known by one generation from Playschool and another from City Homicide,  do her fans know why she chose a home birth?

Rural MD, Dr Sara Renwick-Lau, chose a home birth for her second child after her first baby was delivered by emergency caesarean section at a maternity hospital in Darwin where she also worked. She claims her independent midwife gave much better care than her colleagues at hospital.

And young Aboriginal mum, Tanya Kunoth, from the remote community Utopia in central Australia who had two babies in hospital and two babies on country. She shares why it’s so important for her to be able to birth on country, and why home felt safer than hospital.

Meet the Mothers

Women taking responsibility for their own births & taking back the reins of choice.

Beautiful & candid, The Face of Birth reveals things we never knew about birth & the power of choice.